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SOUL ISSUES:Undercurrents 

Rev Liz Petipren 

By Reverend Liz Petipren 


Do you ever wonder why good or bad things happen, “Out of the blue”? such events are not the offspring of good luck or bad luck but, rather they are governed by scientific dynamics of universal laws. As you recognize the relationship between out-of-the-blue events and your unexamined beliefs, you are in a position to command your destiny. 

A friend told me she was getting divorced after her husband brought his girlfriend home for the weekend. “We been married 13 years,” she explained. “We never argued, but we also never communicated.” 

This shocking event was the culmination of the two drifting apart over the years, with neither one addressing the issue. My friend’s husband did not wake up one day and decide, “I’m not happy, so I think I will seek another partner.”  His choice had been building for a long time, but unfortunately for both partners, it was not brought into the open. 

Perhaps you have had the experience of swimming in a lake when you suddenly felt a cold undercurrent. Likewise, you may go through the outer motions of your life where everything appears to be one way, while an undercurrent is moving in a different direction. This phenomenon can work for our well-being or against it. Thus you can be apparently healthy while hurtling toward disease, and you can be apparently sick while hurtling toward wellness.

What happens to you in the outer world is not a cause. It is an effect of your interior thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and intentions. Pay less attention to how things look, and more attention to where energy is moving. The current exterior condition is a result of how you flowed your energy yesterday. Tomorrow’s exterior condition will be a result of how you flow your energy today. 


Affirmation: “I consciously choose how I flow my energy” 

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