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Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren


Have you ever felt like a misfit in this world? Do you sometimes think you were dropped here by some otherworldly source, and you cannot relate to most people or what goes on around you?  

If so, you may have more company than you know. You may be a part of a very large group called “Cultural Creatives,” a term used by sociologists and psychologists to describe people who are disenchanted with traditional religion and societal roles,who hold visionary values, and seek a lifestyle unlike the masses. 

If so, one of your major life lessons may be to find and claim your right place in the great web of life. If you have felt guilty or weird for being spiritual, gay, uninterested in a corporate position, bored with television, unwilling to sell your soul for a mortgage, or shy about revealing your psychic experiences, you may be closer to home than you know. You may be living exactly the life you came to live, and you simply need confidence to claim it without apology or compromise.  

Jesus taught us that we are all unique individuals, each with our own special gifts that we bring to share with others. Jesus came into this world as a perfect child of God, knowing his purpose for being here was to be an expression of all that God is. We too have this same purpose, to express the attributes of God in ways that we are most comfortable with and that only we can do. 

You must be willing to be re-born and go to that place where you feel most at peace and be with people who you feel are most like yourself.  You do not need to attend perfunctory family gatherings, church services, or business meeting where you feel you do not belong. They may be right for others, but if they are not right for you, you must seek people who match you at your core. Those who truly belong to you will greet you with open arms, and you will feel like you have finally come home after a long trek in the wilderness. Then your jigsaw piece will fit, and you will realize that the universe has a place for you to shine. 

Affirmation: Who and what I am is perfect. 

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