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Striking the Keynote 

Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren 


How will your holiday season go? Will you be stressed, rushed, and worried about getting the right gifts, traveling, and attending parties and family functions? Are you concerned about overeating and gaining weight? Or will you flow with the events that come your way, enjoy your person-to-person connections, and remember the spirit of the holidays? 

You can make a huge difference in how your holidays turn out by setting your tone, or establishing your intention, before you get busy. It’s very easy to get swept up in busyness and doingness. If you want to stay in your right mind and in your heart, it is up to you to decide to do so now.  

Here are some qualities that you may wish to choose as your holiday keynote: Abundance.Aliveness.Appreciation.Celebration.Connection. Ease. Flow.Fun.Generosity.Heart.Innocence. Joy. Love.Play.Reverence.Spirit.Togetherness. Wonder. 

Now choose one of these qualities of life, and take a minute or two to close your eyes and picture yourself moving through your holiday activities with this feeling as your dominant experience. Picture not so much the activities themselves, but the kind of energy you would like to maintain in the process. Continue your visualization until the feeling becomes real in your experience. Then go about your day and your season, and as much as you can, keep coming back to this feeling. You may lose it for short or long periods of time, but the more you consciously remember it – even for a few moments – the more your desired theme will be real and rewarding. At some point, your chosen tone may become your dominant tone, and then your season will truly be one of joy. 

What is the most important tone or experience that you would like to enjoy through the holiday season? Affirmation: I set my tone and reap the benefits of my intention. I choose to enjoy the best holiday season ever. 

I wish you the best this season and always.   

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