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For many of us the holiday season holds a variety of traditions. 

Weather these traditions stem from our families, our communities, our churches and or our ethical backgrounds, 

Whatever the case may be we try our best to keep them going because our families or the church has celebrated the holiday season in certain ways that are meaningful to us. 

It is during this holiday season that we see candles, wreaths, Christmas trees, lights, candy canes, and many more symbols of the season. 

They are all meaningful to us, each in different ways but have one common denominator, they are meant to be “reminders” 

Our traditions are to help us remember what this holiday season is all about, what is the reason for the season? 

Each of our traditions and all of our rituals are meant to be a preparation for something much greater than our outside activities. 

It doesn’t matter what we do or what religion or church we belong to what matters is our awareness of the spirit of God that dwells within you and me, each of us – all people. 

We can take the meaning of our traditions into our hearts and use them as a preparation for the spiritual rebirth of our inner divinity, our Christ within. 

This time of preparation for many is referred to as the advent season, a season of expectation in the arrival of our greatest gift. 

Every advent season, “Silent Unity”, the unity movements prayer ministry, puts out an advent booklet to use in preparation for Christmas. 

This advent booklet is written especially to help guide us with living in an awareness of the Christ spirit within. 

“Christmas in my heart,” is the theme for this year’s advent readings. 

The readings and stories presented offer a unique explanation of both a spiritual and secular meaning to this celebrated holiday season. 

A tradition at Unity in the Pines concerns our advent wreath on the altar. 


The white candle in the center represents our Christ light, or our spiritual essence, the four candles around it represent each of the four Sundays in advent, our gifts of faith, peace, love and joy. 

Faith, peace, love and joy are spiritual gifts and an integral part of our divinity. 

We have the choice to call on and use these gifts at any time to transform and transcend our life into joy and happiness. 

Today is the first Sunday of advent where we are to call upon our gift of faith. 

During the holiday season, both children and adults spend a great deal of time hoping for that one special gift to be under the tree. 

What many people don’t realize is that everything they could ever need is already being provided for us by a loving giving limitless God. 

There may be times in our lives especially during the holiday season, when it appears that the resources we desire aren’t available to us. 

But we must remember the words of Jesus to his Disciples, “Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you have already received it.” 

The universe provides for us but we must truly believe that the goodness of God is always available. 

This is how we practice our spiritual gift of faith. 


The second Sunday of advent represents our gift of peace. 

We read in the scriptures that the peace of God is always with us. 

Many people feel peace more strongly during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. 

I think part of the reason may be in the many holiday traditions that bring us together.  

Traditions such as decorating our homes, gathering for meals, exchanging gifts and greetings cards, helping those in need or attending candlelight services. 

Of course, it’s not what we do that brings peace but the love we put into what we do that brings peace. 

Jesus, who represents to us in consciousness our spiritual awareness, was consciously one with God and could turn to his inner source of love, peace, compassion and wisdom at any moment, “Peace, be still!” He commanded of the storm. 


Our spiritual awareness is what calls us to be peace makers. 

Let peace take precedence in your heart this season and let the “Christmas in your heart,” shine brightly. 

Our peace is not something we wait for, peace is a gift we already have. 

But we must be willing to let go of doubts and fears that prevent us from using our gift of peace. 

The third Sunday of advent represents our gift of love. 

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore wrote, 

“For peace to be permanent, the divine law of love must be incorporated in our peace agreements, and in the hearts of those who sign them.” 

“Peace involves mutual respect and confidence between people and nations. It must be constructed patiently with unshakable faith.” 

Our four gifts are connected in the oneness of spirit! 

There are times when holiday crowds and traffic can be very nerve racking, but we can always look at things differently. 

When we remember that love is our true nature we can change those “stressing” times into times of “blessings.” 

We can bring our thoughts and awareness back to the present moment for it is in the present moment where God meets us. 

We can use these times of being out and about to engage in random acts of kindness and courtesy. 

Smile at others: send loving thoughts, graciously allow someone to cut in front of you. 

When we bless others we are blessed in return. 

The fourth Sunday of advent represents our gift of joy. 

There is a real joy felt when we receive something from someone that we treasure, or we witness the joy and excitement that occurs when we give someone else something that is of great value to them. 

In this season of giving, we may put much effort into finding that right and perfect gift that we miss the fullness that lies in the true joy of giving. 

We can miss the fullness of love and appreciation that the gift is meant to convey. 

We read in first Timothy 4: 14, “Do not neglect the gift that is in your heart.” 


We add spiritual value to our giving when we realize that the joy of giving comes through us from our higher self. 

This is the true “Christmas in your heart,” the re-birthing of our spiritual essence. 

When we thank the universe for every gift that we receive and every gift that we give, we find new spiritual wisdom and strength to do all things joyfully. 

Joy, like the air we breathe, is an essential part of our lives and it is in the awareness of the presence of God that we find our greatest joy. 

Christmas isn’t really about presents – it’s about presence. 

At this time of year, we are called to be more presence to one another. 

We wish “Merry Christmas” and or “Happy Holidays” to strangers in public, donate time and money to help others, and travel great distances to see those we love. 

Yes, there are to-do lists and seemingly endless errands, but during the holiday season there is also a greater sense of connection and good will. 

When we make a connection with someone, we see them as part of us. 

And we can suddenly realize we are all the same, not on the outside, but on the inside. 

Let us celebrate “Christmas in our hearts this season. 

Let us be willing to allow the walls of indifference to dissipate and replace that programming with faith, peace, love and joy. 

I invite you this holiday season to take the time to pause and remember the birth of Jesus and the rebirth of the Christmas in your heart. 


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