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SOUL ISSUES: A Reason, a Season, a Lifetime 

Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren 


Do you ever wonder why some people are in your life for a moment, others for a while, and others for a lifetime? Every relationship, from the briefest encounter to the longest and richest marriage, has a purpose in your life. Each person who shares your path, for an instant or forever plays a role in the great adventure of your awakening. 

Some people cross your path for a quick lesson or blessing, and move on. You might have a short interchange with someone you meet while walking your dog, go out with on a date, or sit next to at a lecture. These people may say a brief phrase that answers a question or point you toward a book you need to read or to someone you need to meet. Like angels (the word angel means “messenger”), they have delivered their gift, and then they get on with their lives, as you do yours. 

Others walk with you for a season. You may be friends in school, work together at a job, or be joined in a relationship or marriage for a number of years. Their purpose runs deeper than a brief encounter, as you share connections and lessons appropriate for the phase of life you are in.  When the purpose of that link is complete, or you grow in a new direction, they leave your life and you are on to the next season. 

A small number walk with you for a lifetime. They may be family members, a mate or a dear friend whom you stay in touch with over many seasons. These people share a blessed, deep connection with you. Your life purposes match at a core level, and you are, in a board sense, “Soul Mates.” 

Sometimes reason, season, or lifetime partners serve you by challenging you. Their role is no less important, sometimes even more so, they may have helped you grown in ways that you may not have grown if things were easier.  

Bless all who walk with you for any length of time. They are messengers of God. 

Affirmation: “I appreciate and celebrate all who share my path and purpose.” 

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