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Unity in the Pines “V.I.P.”  

(Very Inspirational Person) 

Louise Hunsinger is the person we are honoring this month. She has been a member of Unity since 1979, the Women’s Club since 1982, the Board of Trustees since 1983 and our Treasurer/Bookkeeper since 1985. And she bakes the most heavenly cakes!

Louise Hunsinger

Originally from Portsmouth, Ohio, Louise moved to Cincinnati in 1947 where she found work as a bookkeeper. That is also where she met and married Carl Hunsinger.  A year later they moved to Florida. 

Although Louise doesn’t drive, she has always found a way to get to church. She’s here every Sunday and several times during the week. In the past, she has made due with the busses and shuttles. More recently, some of our members and ministers have provided transport. 

When asked what she’d like others to know about her, she responded that “My faith always got me through”. 

If you haven’t seen Louise on Sunday, it may be because she’s in the office before the service, sits in the back of the sanctuary, and leaves for the office before the end of the service to take care of the offerings.  

Unity in the Pines is truly blessed to have Louise Hunsinger as a Sacred Server. We love you, Louise and honor you.

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