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Louise Link Phd

Rev. Louise Link,PhD. has been a Health Educator, Nutritional Counselor, Consultant, Therapist, Food Analyst, and Personal Chef. She has been a Living Food Activist and Nutritional Recovery sponsor for over 30 years, and has presented numerous lectures, classes, workshops and food demonstrations to help people improve their health and revitalize their energy. She blends Heart Smart, Low Fat, Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food philosophies and methods to teach people to Eat with Health Maintenance as their top priority. She has helped many people back to health after major problems.   


“Dr. Louise” has a Bachelors Degree in Education & Communications, A Masters in Fine Arts, and a PhD in Nutritional Health Sciences and Cellular Detoxification.  She has created and prepared numerous Menus, written Brochures, Flyers, Articles, and Newsletters.  She was the founder and owner of the Life Force Health and Nutrition Center in West Palm Beach and also in Maui, Hawaii. She also worked with Hospice, both in West Palm Beach, Fl. and Maui, Hawaii. 


Louise has worked nutritionally with many doctors to feed their patients back to Health and teach people how to eat correctly to avoid the next heart attack or other problem.   


She believes that our Food is our Medicine and if we eat properly we would not have many of the health issues we presently have.  Louise says Living Food and a simple Natural Health Maintenance Lifestyle works to prevent sickness and disease – and can even begin to reverse some existing problems we now have.        

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