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SOUL ISSUES: “Islands”  

(Birds of a feather flock together)         

Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren


I was talking to a colleague once and we were discussing ways to deal with the world’s ills.One would be to send people of like mind and behavior to islands where they would be with others similar to themselves. “We could send all the murderers to one island, all the rapists to another, and so on; and they could all do their aberrant behaviors to each other and learn from the experience.” 

When dwelling on this idea, we came to the conclusion that this is the way it already is. The islands are not physical islands, but islands of thought and consciousness. So criminals and those who give their attention to crime, find each other and cluster together, as do people committed to helping the world, or those who share a common interest is sports, computers, or music. 

You and I already live on an island of people who match our intentions, interests, and habits of thought. That is why you keep attracting the same kind of person in your dating life, work, or friendships. Your mind magnetizes people of like configuration, for better or worse. If you like the kinds of people and situations you are attracting, amp up your signal. If you do not like them, change it. 

This principle explains why there are people or kinds of people on the planet you will never meet because your beliefs, values, and lifestyle are so far afield from theirs that you will never be in the same place at the same time. Meanwhile, there are people or kinds of people who are so aligned with your beliefs, values, and lifestyle that you will surely meet or keep meeting. 

Internet Web pages are a good example of islands of consciousness. When you click on a Website and get involved in its material, you will usually find references and links to many other sites like it. Political sites lead to other political sites, movies to movies, and dating to dating. Whatever site you are on gives outlet to more of its own island, or unique world. 

If you are going to live on an island, make it one you would choose. Be the company you value and seek those of like mind who will find their way to your shores. 

Affirmation: “I use the Law of Attraction to bring people and situations to my life that I value and desire.” 

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