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The Twenty-Third Psalm

For Everything there is a Season

Song of Peace




In a state of divine union with God, I open my heart to allow the energy of pure love and appreciation to flow from me to everyone and everything.  


In the pure love of God, I am one with the earth, the air, the water, the soil, the trees, the plants and all their life-giving organisms. 


In the pure love of God, I am one with all beings on the earth. I honor, respect and cherish all living things. 


In the pure love of God, I release all thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and ideas that are not in harmony with the highest and best good for all. 


In the pure love of God, I make wise choices and take right actions to preserve our planet for ourselves and all future generations. 


In the pure love of God, I hold all countries, corporations, businesses, organizations, institutions and their leaders in prayer for harmony, peace, collaboration, wisdom and smart decisions for the highest and best good of our planet and its peoples. 


In the pure love of God, I am united with all spiritually conscious beings. Together we hold the high watch for positive change for our world. In the name of all that is sacred, we daily lift our world family in prayer for health, peace, love, joy, wisdom, prosperity and safety. Amen. 


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