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Church Coordinator: Rev. Liz Petipren

About Liz Petipren


After fulfilling the role of “Guest Speaker,” for two years, Rev. Liz became a member of Unity in the Pines and was elected President of the Board in 2007. 

Prior to taking this position , Liz served as the Unity minister of Unity in St. Cloud MN from 2000 to 2005 where she conducted Sunday services, established a prayer team ministry and a Sunday school ministry, taught classes and book studies in helping those willing to develop a stronger awareness of God through the Unity Principles. 

Liz is a License Unity Teacher in good standing with the Association of Unity Churches International, and ordained Inter-Faith, non-denominational minister and a Unity Truth student for the pass thirty years, attending Unity churches in several States. Her talents are in journalism and financial expertise.  

Rev. Liz intention is to further foster spiritual growth through love and teamwork to all those who come to Unity in the Pines. 

“I truly believe that with an open mind and open heart, the Unity Principles can be the right fit for anyone searching for a larger spiritual development.”




Unity is a way of life, it teaches and emphasizes a new way of thinking and a new way of living that makes sense. 

Unity has been described as a common sense Religion or, Practical Christianity. 

The Unity teachings have a broad appeal to people of all faiths, Christian and non-Christian. 

This is because Unity recognizes the value in all the world’s great Religions and we celebrate the riches of diverse Religious beliefs and expressions. 

Unity churches attract people of all faiths. 

It’s not unusual to find Christians, people of the Jewish faith, Hindus and Buddhists, all worshiping together, celebrating God and life. 


Unity accepts the Bible as its basic textbook of truth, and we interpret it through a spiritual, metaphysical lens. 

That which means, that Unity explains the Bible and its lessons, as they relate to us today, to our spiritual growth and life experiences. 

Unity also accepts and respects statements of truth from many different avenues, for we believe that God is too great to be contained in just one book, or just one concept, or one philosophy. 

We believe that God is absolute good and is present in all creation. 

Unity proclaims the divinity of Jesus but assures us that like Jesus we are all children of God. 

Unity acknowledges Jesus as our teacher, way shower and elder brother. 

But, we worship the light of God, our Christ light within us, God’s spirit in all humankind, as it was and is in Jesus. 

We agree with Paul when he said, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. 


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