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SOUL ISSUES:The Purpose of a Suitcase 


Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren


While waiting for my suitcase at an airport baggage-claim area, I noticed a conspicuous sign:  

“The purpose of a suitcase is to protect the contents. Small cuts, scrapes, and scratches are a normal part of transportation wear and tear, and the airline is not responsible for them.” 

In following the airport-sign analogy, our bodies are like a suitcase for our spirit. It is a focal point through which our inner being expresses. So damages or alterations to our bodies cannot affect the precious cargo that contains our true selves. 

Yet we become hypnotized by values the outer world dangles before us, and we believe that the game of life is about the body, not the spirit. We go to elaborate measures to keep our physical selves looking perfect, unscratched and untarnished by the wear and tear of our transit through Earth life. Yet it is virtually impossible to keep the casing from getting bumped and bruised here and there as we age.  One day it will outlive its usefulness, and we will choose to discard it. 

Yet, when the suitcase is opened, it reveals and releases its priceless contents. The more we focus on the contents and the less on the container, the closer to truth and happiness we are. 

We can also liken our spirit/body relationship to a beautiful picture and its frame. If you have a magnificent painting, you want to set it in a frame that highlights the grandeur of the picture. If you go to elaborate measures to build a heavy, gaudy frame that draws more attention toit than to the picture, you lose sight of the gift the frame was intended to highlight. 

It is important to keep the body healthy and happy, yet real happiness lies in the recognition that the joy you seek is available far below skin level. Then you can retrieve your baggage with a couple of bumps and scrapes and still rejoice, because,what the suitcase contains is far greater than what is containing it. 

Your treasure house is within; it contains all you’ll ever need. How can you refocus so you find more value in your inner self?  Use this affirmation. 

Affirmation: My body is the vehicle through which I express my true self. 

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