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SOUL ISSUES: Pick Up the Phone 


Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren


I wonder what someone from the 17th century would think if they showed up on a modern city street. Among many extraordinary sights, they would observe lots of folks having conversations with invisible people. Some would be holding little boxes to their ears, more involved with their discussion with a distant unseen entity than watching where they are walking or driving. Others would be conversing through tiny clips on their ears. Others would be bopping to music no one else hears. Talk about culture shock! 

People who talked to invisible spirits during such a person’s time were branded witches and burned at the stake. Today we are more open-minded as we use technology to communicate with people we do not see. Yet many still resist or deny that we can talk to people we cannot see without technology.  

Richard Bach notes that technology replicates psychic faculties that have atrophied due to disbelief and disuse. Telephones imitate our ability to converse with people at a distance, television reminds us that we can see others from afar, and airplanes re-create our power to travel in spirit to far places. If we exercised our innate abilities, we would not need external devices. But we believe in science, so it is through science that we do what we could do without it. 

Clairvoyance is natural, and we can all communicate with others in spirit and with God. If this sounds spooky, it is only because such interactions have been portrayed under a shroud of fear and ignorance. Is there anything scary about connecting with those you love and the source of all good? 

Yet much of that is changing. The past few decades have brought to the public eye many teachers and healers who give voice to higher and more subtle levels of communication. Such teacher will soon grow in number and respect. It is the wave of things to come. 

If God or an invisible loved one calls you, pick up the receiver. You might hear something you like. 

Affirmation: “I claim my power to use my innate faculties to live up to my spiritual potential.” 

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