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Reiki Circle   

Sunday February 22nd - 6:30pm &

Thursday February 26th  11:00am
Donations accepted

in Rev. Pearl’s room at Unity in the Pines 

 Reiki Circle

Led by: Reiki Master & Teacher Rev. Pearl Rauberts 


Do you want to experience the healing power of Reiki? Reiki healing helps body, mind and emotions and leaves you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and refreshed! The Reiki circle is open to everyone. We start with a short guided group meditation, then each person receives Reiki on the table from Pearl who usually has one of her Reiki Master students assisting her.  


Please register ahead of time as space is limited and please arrive promptly. You are free to leave after you have had your own individual session. If you need to get away early, register early and request that you are the first person to receive. If you would prefer a one hour private Reiki session on another day please speak to Pearl.

TO REGISTER: Call 561-333-3372 or email pearlrauberts@hotmail.com  


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