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Reiki Level I with Reiki Master & Teacher Rev. Pearl Rauberts      

Saturday March 7th
9:30am to 5:00pm $150 includes 2 Manuals & Certificate
in Rev Pearl’s room at Unity in the Pines


Nowadays there is increasing interest in the healing technique of Reiki; many people become interested as they have the desire to help others but Reiki is also a wonderful way to heal ourselves. Reiki is a particular approach to working with the healing energy so as to help body, mind, emotions and spirit. It means "spiritually guided (Rei) life force energy (Ki)."  We all have life force energy flowing through us and if it is blocked we can have health problems. Receiving Reiki is very relaxing as the energy pathways in the body receive energy, guided to go where it can be of most use. During a Reiki treatment your vibratory level is raised: Reiki addresses blocks in the energy flow, bringing healing and allowing energy to flow more freely. Reiki is received in addition to medical treatment and can be given to anyone, young or old, children and pets. Receiving Reiki is also an excellent way to let go of your stress!  

In this full one day Reiki Level I class you will learn how Reiki started, how to give a Level I treatment to yourself and others and you will receive the four attunements of Reiki I, permanently linking you to the Reiki source. You will learn the hand positions for self-healing and for channeling Reiki to others. You will receive two detailed manuals providing you with a great deal of information about Reiki and how to use it. Each class participant will give a supervised Reiki treatment during the class, helping you to build confidence. There will be time for questions so that your understanding of this powerful healing method can be deepened. You will receive Reiki I certification, allowing you to continue your Reiki studies should you wish. To ensure everybody gets individual attention, only 8 people are accepted. 

To Register: call Rev. Pearl at 561-333-3372 or email pearlrauberts@hotmail.com  

Rev. Pearl is British and comes from London where she spent 15 years training and working with England's top spiritual teachers and healers. She studied a wide range of body, mind and spirit modalities at the College of Psychic Studies in the 1980s and became a healer there. Rev. Pearl was also a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. In both places she co-founded healing clinics. She became a member of the White Eagle Lodge in 1990, an international spiritual organization, and became very deeply involved with their healing and Brotherhood work. Rev. Pearl has lived in Palm Beach County since 2001 and has focused on developing unique and powerful methods of helping people, drawing on many years of experience and study. She is a Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher & Reiki Practitioner, an Aura Clearing Practitioner, an Ordained Minister through the Institute of Spiritual Integral Sciences, an Angel Messenger Practitioner and Creator of Rauberts Energy Healing Technique.  

Visit her website at: www.rauberts.com  

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