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 Starlight Superconsiousness



A Holistic Practice Taking You Beyond Your Immediate Needs 



  • Psychic Defense---learn the kabalistic cross and other mystery school techniques  ($35) 
  • Prosperity and Abundance ($20) 
  • Weight Management, Diet and Detoxification ($20) 
  • Relationships and Romantic Living ($20) 
  • Meridian and chakra balancing ($20) 
  • Galatic Meditations ($35) 
  • Fung Shui  ($20) 
  • Numerology ($20) 
  • Elementals  ($30) 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping ($25) 
  • Energizing postures and breath work ($20) 
  • Sanskrit chanting ($25) 
  • How to go from being a writer to an author ($45) 
  • Reiki Activations---also learn exercises for strengthening your kundalini flow ($150) 
  • Divine Geometry ---learn how to turn your house into a fortress & how to protect yourself & others from storms and hurricanes ($222) 
  • Munay-Ki Rites of Peru---connects you to ancient lineages, etc.  ($222) 
  • Light Pillars---learn how to erect lasting energetic structures that continuously usher in positive energy; transform or get rid of unwanted guests or anyone who is not of the Light; ward off storms, etc. ($135) 



  • Empowered readings---in person, distance or over the phone 
  • Core Light Healing 
  • Karmic Healing---online or in person 
  • DNA activations---in person 
  • Reconnective Healing---distance or in person 
  • Carnio-sacral sessions--- in person 
  • Reiki Tummo ---distance or in person 
  • Ancient Egyptian/Nubian healings---distance or in person 
  • Spell removals 
  • and much more  


 Aroma Remembers Magical Tale

  • “Aroma Remembers, A Magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening”  

 Aroma Remembers Coffee Cup


  • Miracle Mugs—that energize water and other liquids, promoting a sense of overall wellbeing, weight loss and easing depression 



  • Empowered Oils and Water---for protection, prosperity, love, etc 

 Oils and Water Art


  • Spiritual Artwork 


Contact Information: www.divinelightgoddess.com



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