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SOUL ISSUES: “Back To Wholeness” 


Rev Liz Petipren

By Reverend Liz Petipren



I once met a woman who told that, after her child was born, she had the placenta frozen by a medical service. It was kept in storage until such time as the child, at any age in life, may need an infusion of blood or nutrients. At that time the placenta is thawed out and used as a source of life-giving elements, in the pure form the child had received while in its mother’s womb.

This practice bears phenomenal spiritual symbolism. All healing, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, is based upon a return to our original state of being. Illness and aberration are not natural to us. They are the result of mingling with thoughts, energies, or entities foreign to us that we adopt and which throw us off course. If we can get back to what we were before we got mixed up with issues alien to our nature, we can return to our inherent wholeness. 

You may use a similar method to offset crashes on your computer. Many operating systems contain some version of a “restore point.” Every now and then when your computer is healthy, it notes the system’s configuration. If the system becomes infected with a virus, corrupted, or in any way dysfunctional, you can press a button that returns the system to an earlier marked restore point.This nullifiers all the negative experience the computer has gone through since then.  

Your life, too, has a restore point, or an unsullied placenta you can return to for healing. Who you were before you got mixed up with worldly dilemmas remains whole, intact, and able to offer you the healing that less profound methods of correction cannot achieve.  

When you pray, meditate, or act in alignment with your innate joy, you carve a path to your restore point. 

The healing you seek has not been lost. It is just frozen and waiting to be thawed. 

Do you believe you have drifted too far from well-being to be healed? If so, use this affirmation.  

Affirmation: My original wholeness is available to meI claim it now.

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