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Stress, Friend or Foe?  


Why is it that some people get “stressed-out,” a lot more often than others?  

Before we can answer that question it would be a good idea to be able to define the word “Stress or being Stressful.” 

Webster defines “Stress,” as a demand on our physical or mental energy, a pressure or tension exerted on one’s existence. 

So to be stressful means to be mentally and physically tired. 

We can experience stress for many reasons. 

Let’s use the example that the need to be successful was the cause for stress in someone’s life. 

Or maybe the fact that a person is getting married or divorce, having a baby or losing a loved one, moving to an unfamiliar location, buying a new home, losing a job, starting a new job or retiring.  

All of these can be very stressful situations in our lives.  

Any of these situations can bring us to the point of feeling strained and upset, burdened with anxiety and worry, suffering, pain, feeling depressed, angry, pressured both mentally and physically. 

Do some of these things sound familiar?   

Ever had any reason to have felt any of these things? 

We know what stress is we know how it feels and we know what it can do to us mentally and physically.  

How would we define stress on a spiritual level? 

Stress is a false god! To be stressful is to worship false gods. 

False gods that we give a lot of power to! 

We go to a doctor who is not able to explain an illness not able to explain where the cancer comes from or this thing or that thing infecting our bodies and causing us suffering so the doctors blame the unknown or the unexplainable on stress. 

We give a lot of power to this thing we call stress! 

The truth with stress overpowering us is that we do it to ourselves.  

We consider stress our enemy we invite and attract it into our lives and then continue to feed it and give it all our energies and finally admit that we are totally stressed out. 

We can find our self’s doing this over and over again and again aware of it or not.  

It doesn’t matter where we think our stress comes from on the outside of us because stress originates from the inside of us and its origin is based on fear. 

And fear will paralyze us on our spiritual paths of awareness of the presence and the power of God in our lives. 

So stress can be to us a powerful enemy or stress can be a powerful friend. 

We can look at the stress in our lives as a friend an important friend giving us a wakeup call. 

We must remember that in each stressful situation that we experience that we are still one with the spirit of God within and we are not alone.  


Whatever we are stressing over doesn’t chase God away! 

When we come from our “God Self’s” we come from peace and we don’t have to let the false gods of stress get a hold of us.  

When we become more fully aware of this truth we will also realize that we do not have to get stressful about anything.    

We may need to let go of feelings like fear, doubts and anger to find that peace within us and remember we are already the Christ manifest here and now. 

We can have very spiritual up-lifting days. 

We can feel inspired, motivated and have those spiritual awakenings were we are in-tune to the love of God.   

But what usually happens is that we don’t stay there. 

Few of us stay there for long some of us never get there at all, why? 

Because we let outside circumstances stress us out! 

One of the ways we do this is by reacting instead of responding toward what is going on outside of us. 

It usually isn’t so much what people say or do to us which causes our stress it’s more a case of how we react which allows us to be hurt, angry and confused. 

Our ultimate goal is not to be disappointed in people or let our feelings be hurt by them. 

But who of us is really there yet?  At least not all the time, but it is possible.  

We can begin by taking small steps in that direction. 

We can remind ourselves that God is present in every situation. 

That way we won’t get as upset or angry if something seems to go wrong. 

The waiter who receives complaints from another waiter’s table knows it’s not his table. Or he may listen courteously as the customers bad-mouth the other waiter and the restaurant, but he does not let their negative comments about someone else’s service affect him.  

When we look to other people or things to make us happy, we put our hopes and expectations in the wrong place, we put them out there. 

There is only one place to go that can bring us lasting peace and happiness, and that is within.  

When we learn to turn to our Christ self’s, we will never be disappointed. 

Our spirituality is the only reality we can rely on because it never changes we only become more aware of it.  

`Prayer and meditation help us because this is how we keep in tune with ourselves and with God.  

It’s so easy to get thrown off track. 

When we react to everyone and everything in our world, we are giving all those things permission to affect us and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

If we want to overcome stress we must look to our own Christ nature as our source of peace and happiness. 

It makes a difference when we carry our peace with us. 

This doesn’t mean we ignore others or are unkind to them. 

It means we practice loving everyone and seeing God at work everywhere. 

It means always doing our best. 

When we do, we’ve done our share, and that is all we have to be concern about. 

What others do and say is their responsibility not ours. 

It can be a tough lesson for some of us to learn.  

But getting a handle on responding peacefully rather than reacting is a life changer and a stress releaser. 

But somehow we allow people to get us angry or frustrated and stressed. 

It may be they remind us of areas in our own lives that need improvement or weaknesses we perceive in ourselves that we think no one else sees. 

Stress is a wakeup call, a wakeup call to pay attention to get quiet and go within to where our stress originates and face it head on. 

We do invest so much of our ego’s into fixing outer conditions and other people that we forget that there is another realm another dimension that is always ready and waiting to direct us in right and perfect ways. 

We get in touch with this by praying and meditating. 

Why do you think it is important to go into meditation in order to get clear guidance? 

Meditation is a means of getting out of our heads and into our hearts! 

To quiet our minds and be still!  

The still small voice within is a quiet voice and we cannot hear it if we are in our internal chat rooms. 

So we need to quiet down and when we do the false god of stress disappears.  

When we trust spirit when we listen to our still small voice within that is when the miracles happen.  

Each one of us came to earth to make a contribution that only we as individuals can make. 

To up-lift the planet to bring greater love and peace and energy and light into this planet that’s why we are here. 

To love, to serve and to remember we are channels of the most high!  

Imagine a world in which all of its people listen to their still small voice within. 

What kind of world would that be?  

A peaceful world where people are live in harmony and peace! 

That’s the kind of world we can create! 

So I encourage you to begin to follow this kind of path to open your hearts to spirit to allow God to be your guide to be your guru. 

Don’t give the false gods of stress your power. 

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