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Talking Leaves
A study of the book  

“Being and Vibration” by Joseph Rael 

Talking Leaves Being and Vibration


Tuesday February 10th     6:30pm to 8:30pm   $20   with Grandfather Rick McBride   

Talking Leaves is a monthly book study group. You can get a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, new or used. This book presents expanded insights from ancient America, adapted to today's social and cultural realities, and spiritual understanding. Joseph Rael, whose spirit name is Beautiful Painted Arrow, is a Southern Ute/Picuris Pueblo Indigenous American who has dedicated his life to the educational, religious, cultural, social welfare, health care, and economic development of Indigenes. He holds a bachelors degree in Spanish and Political Science from the University of New Mexico, and a master in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin. Joseph is also the founder of the Peace Chamber "movement," where people on four continents and the UK have built sound chambers where prayer and other ceremony are conducted on a regular basis.  

Grandfather Rick writes: “I first met Joseph in 1993 when the Peace Chamber in Swananoa, N.C. was dedicated. Joseph led the first Long Dance I participated in, which was in Florida in 1997. I published an interview with Joseph in Wildfire Magazine that same year, which we will also study. In Being and Vibration, Joseph begins with the vision that the nature of all existence is vibration. From human breath to the pulsating energies of subatomic particles, to the expansion and contraction of the stars and of the universe itself, there is pulsation - vibration - inherent in all that exists. Since childhood, Rael has been interested in sound, and here he describes how he began tracking sounds in his native Tiwa language, and later in English and in Spanish, always with the belief that in these vibrations he might find the presence of the Great Mystery. Drawing on the teachings of his grandfather, a Pueblo holy man, Joseph presents the reader with a model of creation - of manifestation through thought and word energies - which is alien to the Western mind and yet at the same completely in keeping with the discoveries of 20th century. We will continue meeting the second Tuesday of every month.”  

Please RSVP ahead of time: call 561-333-3372 or email pearlrauberts@hotmail.com       

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