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The Chakras  

The Chakras

Knowledge of the chakras has come down through the ages from what is called the Ancient Wisdom spiritual teaching, found in many ancient civilizations, primarily in the East. The original names for the chakras come from the Sanskrit language, dating back to ancient times in India. A chakra is a vortex of energy, a swirling, moving center of energy within the human body. We have seven major chakra centers and many minor ones. The chakras are connection points between our outer physical body and the other inner aspects of ourselves; if we experience negative thoughts or feelings over a long period of time, the energy in the corresponding chakra can slow down or become stagnant, causing imbalance which can be detrimental to health.  

This class focuses on understanding the seven major chakras. You will learn about the chakras and then do practical work to feel chakra energy. You will then learn a self-healing exercise which you will be able to continue to do by yourself at home, to direct healing energy to each of your own seven major chakras. You will learn healing the chakras helps not only the physical body, but also helps heal negative thoughts and feelings, including sadness, fear and anger. The class is suitable for everyone interested in helping themselves and no previous knowledge is required. Reiki students will find it very helpful. 

Sunday November 9th 2:00pm to 4:30pm   $30   with Rev. Pearl Rauberts     in Pearls room at Unity in the Pines   

To register: call 561-333-3372 or email pearlrauberts@hotmail.com

Rev. Pearl Rauberts, Bsc. (Econ) is British and comes from London where she spent 15 years training and working with England's top spiritual teachers and healers. She studied a wide range of body, mind and spirit modalities at the College of Psychic Studies and became a healer there. Pearl was also a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. In both places she co-founded healing clinics. She became a member of the White Eagle Lodge in 1990, an international spiritual organization, and became very deeply involved with their healing and Brotherhood work. Pearl has lived in Palm Beach County since 2001 and has focused on developing unique and powerful methods of helping people, drawing on many years of experience and study. She is a Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, an Ordained Minister through the Institute of Spiritual Integral Sciences, an Angel Messenger Practitioner, an Aura Clearing Practitioner and Creator of Rauberts' Energy Healing Technique.

Visit Pearl's website at: www.rauberts.com

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