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The Karmic Pact     

The Karmic Pact 



Sunday November 2nd 12:30pm to 2:30pm   $25  with Rev. Pearl Rauberts 

in Rev. Pearls room at Unity in the Pines 


Before we come into this lifetime, we establish a contract with other souls with whom we have karma: we make a pact as to the roles we will play in each other's lives. After birth we forget about this karmic pact. Once we understand the karmic pact it is amazingly empowering and helpful in making sense as to why difficult things happen even to good people. We cannot ever feel like we are a victim of random circumstances; we understand that every difficult challenge involving other people is a situation we have agreed to manifest in our lives, so as to create the conditions for us to make spiritual growth. If you have a difficult relationship of any kind, understanding that you made a karmic pact with that person can help you dramatically change the way you view the other person and move forwards towards  forgiveness and a more harmonious, peaceful relationship. This workshop is based on an acceptance of the theory of reincarnation. 


Please register: call Pearl at 561-333-3372 or email pearlrauberts@hotmail.com  


Rev. Pearl Rauberts, BSc Econ (London School of Economics) is British and comes from London; in the 1980s she started training and working with England's top spiritual teachers and healers. She studied a wide range of body, mind and spirit modalities at the College of Psychic Studies and became a healer there. Pearl was also a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. In both places she co-founded healing clinics. She became a member of the White Eagle Lodge in 1990, an international spiritual organization, and became very deeply involved with their healing and Brotherhood work. Pearl has lived in Palm Beach County since 2001 and has focused on developing unique and powerful methods of helping people, drawing on many years of experience and study. She teaches a wide variety of classes and offers private sessions. Pearl is a Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher, the Creator of Rauberts Energy Healing Technique, an Aura Clearing Practitioner, an Ordained Minister through the Institute of Spiritual Integral Sciences and an Angel Messenger Practitioner. Visit her website at: 



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