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In our Unity teachings when we use the word truth we mean that which is true of God and true of our relationship with God. 

Within this spiritual understanding of truth we can begin to become aware that we are God’s beloved offspring and have come here to express all that God is.   

The more aware we become of this truth in fellowship with God the more aware we can see and feel that we hold within us everything that God is.  

So as heirs to the kingdom of God we automatically inherit healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy relationships and healthy prosperity issues in our lives. 

In Unity we refer to our oneness with God and our oneness with one another as the spirit of God within each of us or, the Christ Light within. 

When using only our human sense of awareness we may seem separate and apart from one another.  

So we strive to communicate by more-or-less outward means of our thoughts, words and actions. 

But the truth of who we really are, all children of the most High, gives us a deeper, more subtle, surer way of communicating.  

When we meditate and pray we reach toward the center of our being and we also come closer to the center of being in others. 

We reach past any tendency to dominate or to exert our human will or mind power over others. 

 In doing so, we communicate to the very nature of God within others.   

Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity, stated - “The mind of humankind is like a clear stream that flows from some lofty mountain.” 

“It has nothing at its point of origin to disrupt or distort it, but as it flows out into the plain of experience, it meets the obstruction of doubt and fear.” 

“It is here that dams are built and its course is turned in many ways.” 


The truth of our fellowship with one another is oneness. 

From a Satellite we all look like one. 

But somehow coming into the Earth’s orbit, and deeper into our atmosphere, something changes and the oneness seems to dissipate. 

Countless books have been written about the fine art of human relations, the art of getting along with people. 

But when it comes right down to individual cases, what is said in the books often seems not quite enough to apply to the situation at hand. 

In our human relationships there can be many clauses and modifiers. 

We can thank God that we have an innate wisdom, an inner guide and a counselor, that which is the Holy Spirit, to guide us in matters of human relationships.  

In our oneness, we are all Holy Spirits! 

Eternally we are all children of God and as such we are the leading character in our own life drama. 

One of the greatest factors in good human relationships is to recognize that everybody else is the leading character in their own life drama as well. 

Each of us is a child of God, and therefore we are all unique.  

Everything about us as individual beings is of the up-most interest and importance to God. 

We need to feel important, not egotistically, but in a truly appreciative sense to bear witness to that divine nature in our self and in others. 

Each of us, no matter how much family we have, how many friends and acquaintances we have, each of us live in a world of our very own. 

It can be a very lonely world when we don’t allow our self to realize and respond to the needs of others. 

We all have gifts and these gifts are meant to be shared with others. 

The giving of our uniquely special gifts is what makes us who we are. 

In the truth of our fellowship with one another, there are two spiritual laws that need our attention in developing harmony in our relationships. 

The law of adjustment and the law of non-resistance.  


 As physical beings we quiet often find ourselves in the midst of change.

Changes occur in our lives no matter what. Change is inevitable as we move forward on our physical and spiritual journeys.  

No matter what we are working towards, change is definitely a part of the equation.   

So whenever a change occurs in our life, whether we view it as good or not good, we will always be involved in a period of adjustment to the change that is occurring.  

Regardless of the nature of the change, whether it is a mental, emotional or physical change, as spiritual beings God’s law of adjustment is always working with us. 

Sometimes there can be many changes going on at the same time and happening too quickly for us to feel comfortable.   

At times like these we need to remind ourselves that the spiritual aspect of this law of adjustment is helping us in making every change easier, and we need to be willing to work along with it. 

The grace of God is always with us making all the adjustments that are needed and necessary.  

But we must be open and receptive to this guidance. 

We do this when we commune with God through prayer and meditation. 

When we find ourselves in a new relationship, whether that be in a new place of employment, or a new co-worker, a new neighbor, or a new family member, one of the things most commonly done by most of us is first to see if we have anything in common with that person. 

Sometimes we can strain with this and sometimes not. 

There are logical reasons for why we have an attraction to some people and not towards others.   

We may quickly discover kindred interest, or a person may remind us of someone we have known and loved.  

The authors of books on these subjects give us some of these reasons, yet they don’t seem to explain everything. 

One reason is because they relate to us on a physical level only! 

Remember, we are all “Holy Spirits!” 


So, why are we so drawn to some persons and not to others? 

Why do we accept some people into our lives at a first meeting and feel a sense of inner knowing that communicates without words?  

It’s almost like resuming an interrupted friendship or an interrupted relationship that has not reached fulfillment. 

Or can it be that there is something in our consciousness that we are holding that needs our attention in meeting this person?  

Maybe it’s some matter that needs to be resolved, some obligation that needs to be fulfilled or some debt to be repaid, something we must do or undo. 

Or have we known this person in some other time, some other life? 

Either this is so, or it is “as if” it were so. 

Obviously we are drawn to people with whom we have found, or are finding, interests in common. 

It can be rewarding to discover our “real self” in other people. 

Eugene O’Neill once wrote a play where all the characters wore masks that represented the way they wanted to appear to others, or perhaps the way they thought of themselves. 

When the masks were removed the person behind it was different, better then the mask that was worn. 

In real life is this not almost literally true? 

Some of the masks we wear may be worn to conceal our sensitivities,  

Some of the masks we wear may be to cover up a sense of guilt, or an inadequacy or some insecurity. 

Often when we do not like someone it may be because, secretly, we feel that this person does not like us, or that we do not merit this person’s approval or friendship. 

In such cases, we tend to disparage their actions, viewpoints and motives by finding something wrong in them, only to protect ourselves. 

The spiritual way to improve any relationship with others is first, honor our self’s and our own spirituality, for than we can truly see the Christ in others.  


In the truth of our fellowship, we are mirrored to see what we need to see. 

There is a law of natural universal adjustment and balance. 

Scientists tell us that even a ball thrown into the air requires an adjustment before gravity brings it back down.  

And even beyond this law of natural adjustment is a law of spiritual adjustment. 

And within this spiritual law of adjustment is where God stands ready to bless us.  

When we cooperate with this law, we permit its blessing to move through our minds, our bodies and our emotions to heal us.  

All the universal laws of life embrace change! As we accept this truth in an attitude of non-resistance and in faith, each step we take will give us harmony and success.  

God does not resist us and God’s blessings are effortless to us. 

Non-resistance is the awareness of one presence and one power. 

Oneness with our God-power is the answer to prayer. 

To understand the art of non- resistance and to use it is the greatest “Doing” we will ever accomplish. 

Non-resistance is what we adjust too. 

We may tend to think of non-resistance as an indifferent, spiritless yielding to whatever occurs. 

In reality, non-resisting is stronger than resisting, it requires more mind power to resist than is required to not resist.  

It is our non-resistance that appeals to the divine presence in us. 

Resistance keeps us in bondage to our fears. 

Non-resistance is the path to our freedom. 


The universe is forever moving us forward and, when we try to hold on to the past, we are resisting.  

What we were created to do is to grow and to develop our spiritual awareness and move forward. 

Those of us, who desire to be part of the answers, rather than more of the problems, are those of us who really learn to work within the spiritual forces of the law of adjustment and the law of non-resistance. 

When you are uncomfortable with the word change, replace it and use the word adjustment. 

Know that God’s wisdom is always guiding you; God’s love is protecting you. The substance of God is always supporting you. The truth in fellowship is our oneness with God and each other. 

Remember we are all Holy Spirits.  

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