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~You Are What You Eat~  

A 5 Week Nutritional Guidelines Series 



At: Unity in the Pines 

6073 Summit Blvd. - West Palm Beach, Fl. 

3 Tuesday Nights - 6:00 – 8:00 PM  

July 2,9,16 

Facilitated By: Rev. Louise Link, PhD 

 (Nutrition Therapist, Food Analyst, Personal Chef) 

Cost for the series $50 - Reserve early




Food is the raw material necessary to create new cells and tissues to build healthy bodies. Consuming the right nutrients will build good health. This series will give you simple, information and answers that can help you make the best choices. 



  • Improve Digestion, Strengthen the Immune System, Revitalize your Health & Energy,Prevent Disease, and Reverse some Existing Problems you may have! 
  • Know what the Body Needs to Thrive – and Supply it!  
  • Is there any Real Food left in all the Processed Food we eat?                                                                                        
  • How Living Food is the Key Player in Health and Internal Cleansing.  
  • Living Food is a Healing Elixir. Its Natures way to Cleanse, Repair, & Revitalize the body, Reverse past Damage from Food Abuse, Toxic Overload, and Disease. It can Repair & Strengthen your Body & some problems you may now have.  
  • You can Improve your Health at any age. 



This Interactive, Educational, and Fun series, will provide you with Nutritional Guidelines for your Health. Classes are organized & facilitated by Rev. Louise Link, who has over 30 years experience counseling and guiding individuals in Nutritional Recovery. 



Advance Registration is suggested.  Contact Rev. Louise Link, at 561-471-0801 or email LouiseLLink@yahoo.com  Please include your name and telephone number. 

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